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Welcome to Ricky & Tess's little space on the web, their Kennel.
Most "Oldies" - People in the Petz Community around 1999-2001 will remember Ricky & Tess. They were two BCs (Border Collies) who were, at that time, equivalent to Hollywood Stars.
So, just who were they? Well, you can find out by scrolling down to the "Ricky & Tess" section, but basically, Ricky & Tess started the BC Craze way back when. It was absolutely mad!

This website is dedicated to the Petz "Old Days" and Ricky & Tess's "Era". First lets talk about what we have here. This small Kennel is, yep, you guessed it, is all about Ricky & Tess. We do give out their puppies, which everyone craved for, way back when, but mostly this website is here for the memories. I've tried to make the layout as "Old School" as possible, for old times sake.



(29th July 2006)
Sorry for the lack of updates.
Puppies sent out. Ee! Everyone wanted Leo and Kya. Sorry to those that didn't get them, they could only go to one person. Chooses another?




So, just who were these two famous Border Collies, I hear you cry. Well, if you don't know/remember, get ready for a short "Petz-ish" History lesson.

It all stated when...

...One day, back in early September of 1999, I came across a breed file. In those days, the very few talented people who could hex, put breed files up on their websites, much like today, except, at first only a few of these files seemed to "take off" to begin with. Back in '99 Petz was mostly about breeding (P3 had not long been out in the UK) and pose showing. If you got a new file, you bred to be different and then to show. It wasn't all about Hexing back then. 

Anyway, I came across the BC file and I really really liked it - I think it was the only Border Collie file out at the time. I've always loved BCs and from the age of twelve, I have always wanted one. (I will get one as soon as I have my own place). I could hex a little back then (and still only a little now), But back then, people mostly seemed to hex Petz' eye colors, it was the only thing the average person could do, for a while at least. But I could hex the coat color on most files, so I hexed Ricky "brown" after a BC in my village, Millie is her name (she's still around). I added his bright blue eye color because I really liked the shade of blue at the time, lol.

I soon displayed Ricky on my new website UK Petz (my pervious/first website was called Suffolk Kennels). People loved him. I got lots of emails about how nice he was. I wanted to breed him though, so I hexed the eyes on a black BC and named her "Tess". She became his mate, and soon began to get quite poplar too. The first time I bred them, the litter went very fast, but as I bred them even more, the litters seemed to go quicker each time. The amount of email I used to get for the puppies was mad. I remember once, I bred a five or six dog litter, and I had over forty emails over night. I checked my email and they just kept coming, lol. There was no "PetzA" back then, so it was much much harder to breed litters. People were asking for them, faster than I could breed.

So, in truth, I have no idea why my Border Collie pair "Ricky & Tess" became who they did.
I think it was just, they were a nice pair to start with, and were the right breed at the right time in the Petz era. I will always remember "Ally" one of Ricky & Tess's very first Pups, perhaps from their first (or second) litter, who went to Jesse (from APS - back them OP4), Ally and her mate Marco, also became very popular too. Again, I'm not sure why "Ally" in particular...

The phenomenon that was "Ricky & Tess", back in their day will never die with us "Oldies" of the Petz Community, we remember them for who they were. Yes, they were first Gen BCs, who only produced second Gen pups, but that didn't come into it back then. It just didn't matter to anyone. Now, quite a few people have told me that there's not many Border Collies out there today without Ricky & Tess lines. And that in itself, after a four year gap, is pretty damn awesome!

RICKY: - Who Was He?
Ricky was the Border Collie who started the whole "BC Craze". He was hexed by me on the 29th of September 1999. His show name was "UKP's King Of The Border". I believe he had a very large amount of show points, giving him a title as high as Petz could go at the time. Ricky was just a simple looking hexed BC, I really have no idea why everyone like him so much. Perhaps it was that although hexing wasn't "all that" back then, Ricky was probably one of the very first hexed BCs and everyone grabbed on to that... Plus he was UK Petz' mascot as well, that seemed to work for him.

TESS: - Who Was She?
Tess was Ricky's mate. I hexed on the 17th of Nonmember 1999. Her show name was "UKP's Black & White Angel". She also, had a fair amount of show points. The only thing I hexed on Tess was her eye color. But as Ricky's mate, she also became very popular as well. Therefore riding along with him on the Border Collie Craze' wave. She will always be remembered as the gal Ricky was never seen without - and of course the mother of his very loved puppies. - They made a very cute couple!




So, You'd like to adopt a Ricky & Tess puppy, huh? Well, you might just be in luck!
Here we have litters of Ricky & Tess puppies for you to take home. Please note: While, we love to adopt out Ricky & Tess puppies, there will only be litters up here for adoption every so often. Ricky & Tess refuse to breed constantly - looking after a litter of troublesome puppies is a lot of work - Ricky & Tess like to have a personal doggie life too! 

Adoption Rules
Please only apply for ONE puppy, let others have a chance too.
Please try to fill out the entire app. Thank you!
Pups are NOT first-come-first-serve. Please make an effort on the app.
Appreciate, I may get a lot of apps for a particular pup. Each pup can only go to one person.
Didn't get a Pup, don't be put off, just re-apply for another or wait for the next litter.
You're free to "Fix" your pups' eyelid colors, but nothing else, please.
If you show your new pup and want to use our prefix, then please use "R&T's". Thanks!
Updates on pups are not necessary, but of course are very welcome and appreciated.

RT Adoptions: (name of the pup you want goes here)

Adoption Form
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Your Name/Alias:
Website Address:
Do You Remember The "BC Craze" - If So What Do You Remember:
Do You Have An R&T Pup Already - If So Who:
Lastly, Why Do you Want This Pup:

Send It


*Girlie's names are in Pink text - Boyo's names are in Blue text*
Adopted Puppies:
Jamie, Leo, Kya



Memories... This is mostly what this website is all about. So, it's fitting that we have a section dedicated to them. Here I'll "quote" people on their memories from the "Old Days" in the Petz Community regarding the "Ricky & Tess Era". I'll take you're memories (if that's okay?) ffom the "Do You Remember The "BC Craze" part in the R&T puppies adoption form, but also, if you'd like to submit a memory to be listed, see below the memories box.



(please note that some memories may be edited because of length)

I remember when Artemis made the merle file and only gave it to a few people and how that was a huge deal.  I remember haveing the merle file and feeling special lol.  Most of all I remember Ally.  -Jesse @ APS

I remember refreshing your site and Jesse's site OP4 about 32 million times a day just to see if you both updated with any BC litters.  -Oran @ Flashback

Border Collies were "flying off the shelves".  I wanted to have at least one Border of every color.  In fact. Ricky and Tess were the King and Queen of the Petz Community, and their puppies were adopted faster than they could be produced.  If you couldn't adopt a Ricky and Tess puppy yourself, the next best thing was to adopt a puppy that was "RELATED TO RICKY AND TESS!"  (I remember people used to advertise that proudly!).  -Mutt @ Stunt

The ones that always tend to stand out for me were Ricky and Tess, Dakota (Jesse owned him?) and Ally and Marco. When I think about Ricky and Tess they spark memories of Outdoor Petz 4 and Cybriar. And EVERY bc stemmed from R&T. Part of me wishes we could go back to that pc. Fond memories!  -Sirius @ GreenBrook

UK Petz was one of the first sites I ever visited, and Ricky was the first hexed pet I saw. R&T were my idols, but my very first border was one named Vicky. I adopted her from Jesse’s At (TPS/OP4) pair Marco and Ally, so she was a grandchild of Ricky and Tess.  -Rachel @ Country Kennels

I remember I wanted the file really badly, but I couldn't find it anywhere haha... And I remember looking at everyone's BCs and being really jealous coz I wanted a Ricky and Tess puppy but I was always too late in applying.
  -Sarah @ Shadow

At first it was so difficult to get the actual BC file from anywhere so the only way to get a BC was to adopt one... and of course you couldn't breed them when you didn't have the file. Then after the "normal BC craze" came the two-toned BCs. You had those litters as well.  -Pv @ Lost & Found

When I was younger (a long time ago) I had UKP bookmarked just so I could get my grubby little noob mitts on a Ricky & Tess puppy.  Needless to say, I never actually got one, ever.  *plays violin* They seemed to be the most normal colored BC's that mutated quicker than you could blink. Everyone wanted a puppy!  -Salem @ SWSK

"Wow, I remember Ricky & Tess... those were the days"  I remember my first, and only, R&T pup, his name was Jake and he was a perfect combo of his mom & dad.  I remember sending soo many applications for a R&T puppy and I think I almost cried when I finally got Jake! 
 -Mandy @ Fleabitten

Like to submit a "Memory" to be listed above? Copy the forum and email it to me.

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